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Just when you think things couldn’t get worse for this nation or our schools…..

here is the story.

Not only are those words banished so are “husband” and “wife”, or anything that might offend homosexuals, boys may use the girls bathrooms and vice versa…

here are some excerpts that I want to share

“Analysts have warned that schools across the nation will be impacted by the decision, since textbook publishers must cater to their largest purchaser, which often is California, and they will be unlikely to go to the expense of having a separate edition for other states.”

“Further, homecoming kings now can be either male or female โ€“ as can homecoming queens, and students, whether male or female, must be allowed to use the restroom and locker room corresponding to the sex with which they choose to identify.”

“It also creates the circumstances where a parent who says marriage is only for a man and a woman in the presence of a lesbian teacher could be convicted of “harassment,” and a student who believes people are born either male or female could be reported as a “harasser” by a male teacher who wears women’s clothes, CCF said.”

“Affected will be day cares, preschool or after-school programs, food and housing programs, senior services, anti-gang efforts, jobs programs and others.”

When I heard about this, I was sickened. More and more, people who choose to live by Biblical moral standards, are being force fed sexual propaganda…even at daycares starting at infancy!(I used to work at a daycare, I know what is going on). I am so thankful that we do not live in such a state as California…I praise God that we live in Oklahoma…it has its faults, but if something like that bill was even proposed here, at least at this time, there would be a HUGE MASSIVE outcry!

It only reinforces the NEED for me to get my children out of the public school system in the next 2 yrs (that is my personal goal)….


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the story is here.

I can’t say all the comments on the bottom are uh, good, and The clip I saw on the news, the lawmakers didn’t give all that eloquent reasons why they refused… but anyway. I don’t know whether I would have refused if in that same situation, only because my hubby would probably want a copy so he could study more about Islam, so he could talk to Muslims about their faith, (he likes to debate things like that lol). But I might have refused the Bible given by the Southern Baptist Convention too (I don’t agree with all their beliefs), I would want to be consistent, and just refuse all gifts, that way people couldn’t make a big hoopla over it ya know!

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I just wanted to write real quick, about something that has been on my mind…

And at the risk of sounding like I am griping and complaining, I hope that you bear with me a moment ๐Ÿ™‚

One of the things that troubles me, and is a personal pet peeve is all these televangelists…especially the ones who name their shows after THEMSELVES! and perhaps their ministries are named after them too, and when they write books, instead of having some abstract picture on the front, they have a HUGE head shot of the …ahem… author of the book! ARGHHH! I mean come on now! who is the focus of the book?! I have other issues, mainly dealing with theology of these people…and some really disturbing out right lies these “preachers” are telling….but I won’t go into that…it stresses me out too much…Though I keep trying to get my husband to start writing about exposing lies that these people tell…

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Its a chilly, windy, rainy day here in Oklahoma. Its the first “real” fall day we have had yet ๐Ÿ™‚ I love it! lol I am fixing some mild chili and will be trying my hand at some skillet corn bread this evening ๐Ÿ™‚ I have never used a cast iron skillet to make cornbread, so it should be fun.

Things are going ok here, I have been trying to avoid turning on the heat since the highs this week are supposed to be in the 60s and 70s, and today is the coldest day predicted (right now its about 48 degrees) So I have been seasoning my cast iron in the oven, cooking my chili in the crock pot and doing a bunch of laundry (the humidity from the washer and the heat from the dryer) so its has stayed about 68 here in the house, which is pretty cool since we live in a double wide. I have all the inside windows open (there are 2 sets of windows on each window) because 1. its a hassle to open 2 windows per window when I want fresh air, and 2. At the end of last winter, I was opening the drapes my mother gave me months earlier, and found mold growing on them, and there was mold growing on the wall in our bedroom, then there was mold growing in between the 2 windows on all the windows (what a hassle to clean) Turns out that because the trailer is so cheaply built, that there is A LOT of condensation that forms on the windows during the colder months (and we need the humidity due to respiratory issues and my dermatitis, if there is no condensation, then we know its way too dry), and it runs down the windows and if there is something there, then it grows mold when it can’t dry out. I want to try the shaving cream trick (its supposed to work on bathroom mirrors and car windshields) but I can’t reach the upper part of the window, with out unscrewing some things, and the last thing I need is to mess up the windows.

SIGH! I guess we will have to make do until YHWH leads us to another home…

Speaking of homes, I was researching steel homes, the ones with steel insides, and steel roofs, and steel siding (that looks like traditional siding) I found a couple of homes that I just adore, and they look like normal homes! They also have been reported to withstand hurricanes, which is absolutely amazing! It would be perfect here in Oklahoma, we have WILD weather, there are tornadoes, hail, high winds etc. And to have a home that could with stand damage would be a good thing. We could potentially save a ton of money on energy costs, and home repairs. And of course we would build on top of a basement ๐Ÿ™‚ (dh and I love the idea of a basement, for storage and storm shelter) Right now it all seems like a far off dream, but YHWH can provide for us ๐Ÿ™‚ I get the feeling though, that we may end up in another home, before we are able to get our “dream” home, and that is alright. We just need more space, like a yard, and more storage (we want to be able to stock up on stuff we need)

oct. 23rd

So this has become a 2 day blog lol, I didn’t have a chance to finish yesterday…I can’t even remember what else I was going to write about!

well, here are a couple of links to some news stories, that caught my attention…
Outing gives Potter passages new meaning

My hubby read this to me last night. I can say none of our children have read or watched anything having to do with Harry Potter. I have had some reservations due to the whole magic, warlock/witch thing… and there was a feeling of something else amiss….This just solidifies my decision, and dh agrees : Our children will NOT be reading or watching Harry Potter…

Group to Obama: Drop singer from tour

I personally do not support Obama, there is something about him that does not settle well in my spirit….but that aside, I don’t think he should dump McClurkin from the tour, because gay rights activists don’t like McClurkin’s stance on homosexuality…. at least he is speaking from his experiences (read towards the bottom of the article for a brief explanation). And I won’t go into to too much detail on my stance on homosexuality…but I think the Bible is pretty clear in the fact that its wrong, and I do believe its a choice (and some are caught up in an addiction of sorts). I have a close family member that is homosexual, and I do not agree with her lifestyle, BUT I still love her regardless, and pray about the situation daily. I have also known a few people who have left the gay/lesbian lifestyle, (and no they were not going through a phase!!!) I am talking about years and years of living this way, with little hope of leaving it! And God did bring them out… here are just a couple of the numerous ministries helping people heal:



I know yesterday I was writing about what we desire in a home. Today I felt that I should check up on a particular home, that we looked at months ago in Piedmont. And to my surprise it is still on the market, and about $3500 lower than the last time we checked. We had been praying about this home, asking that God provide a way and keep it for us. We both feel that we would pay 120,000 for it, and it is really close to that number! In fact I think if we had the money, and we offered that, then they would accept. I will pick up where I left off in my prayers for that home…I am going to pray that God provides a way for us to get the home, for His glory!(because it will take a miracle for us to get the home! Please pray for us, for wisdom too ๐Ÿ™‚

well, got to go for now! until next time….

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the story is here.

The few things I have read about Colbert has been really neat. I recently read an article about him in Parade and it reveals a little about him :

“Soon after graduation, he was living in Chicagoโ€”an earnest young actor with a full beard and a proclivity for dressing in black. He also had lost his faith. ‘I was very depressed about it,’ he says. ‘I wanted the idea that I would see my father and brothers again, and it was heartbreaking to think that that wouldnโ€™t happen.'”

Then, one icy winter day, as Colbert walked down a street in Chicago, a Gideon handed him a Bible. โ€œIt was so cold, I had to crack the pages,โ€ he recalls. “I flipped it open, and it had a list of things to read about if you were feeling different ways. Under โ€˜Anxiety,โ€™ it said โ€˜Matthew V,โ€™ the Sermon on the Mount.โ€ He paraphrases: โ€œโ€˜Who among you by worrying can change a hair on his head?โ€™ It spoke to me.โ€….

“This uncommon man even manages, when he can find the time, to teach Sunday school. Colbert remembers the lesson of the Sermon on the Mount: โ€œThatโ€™s being fearless,โ€ he says. ‘Not living in fear is a great gift, because certainly these days we do it so much. And do you know what I like about comedy? You canโ€™t laugh and be afraid at the same timeโ€”of anything. If youโ€™re laughing, I defy you to be afraid.'”

After hearing this morning about his running…he just may very well be the best candidate out there given our choices this election! lol

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General updates :)

Well, I think its time for an update, haven’t really posted much lately as far as my life ๐Ÿ™‚

Today is a beautiful day, the high expected to be in the upper 70s. It was a humid morning, the dew was especially heavy, though I am pretty sure my mums liked it plenty ๐Ÿ™‚ Speaking of mums, sigh, I realized a couple of weeks ago, that I should have cut them back, to allow for a beautiful 2nd flowering, now the plants are majorly over grown, the flowers from early spring are now brown and dry, and the new flowers are all blotchy, here and there around the old blooms. lol, after consulting Grandma, she confirmed that I should have kept them cut back until about July, and then they would bloom in the fall. Now I know, and I won’t these monstorous mums over taking my garden! LOL

Around the home, it is still pretty cluttered. I am have a hard time honing in and concentrating on the task of housekeeping. I admit, I am being lazy, but I am in one of those BLAH times, and I need to get over it. I need to be doing more work around here, and less puttering around doing things that are not important. I think part of the issue is our youngest, Lilly. She is a toddler, and as soon as I pick up stuff, she goes and pulls it all out again. I get so frustrated…I have to remind myself, thats her job! ๐Ÿ™‚ Funny though, I don’t remember James and Abby, being into everything, though I did used to use the child gate to keep them in their rooms back then. I have allowed Lilly far more freedom than they had, and I am the one who needs to figure out what to do! ๐Ÿ™‚

I have been reading a book called “No Ordinary Home : The Uncommon Art of Christ-centered Homemaking” by Carol Brazo. I have to say, that I am thoroughly enjoying the book, and God has been speaking to me through it! I highly recommend it to other women. It is a study (with questions and activities at the end of each chapter), though I have not done any of the study things, I have been reading it through. There is a section on Sabbath, and after reading the entire section, it confirmed what I have been weakly trying to do. WE NEED A SABBATH! So our family, in the next few weeks, start implementing a Sabbath. Since we are going to a church that meets on Sundays, then our Sabbath will be Saturday evening to Sunday evening. Saturday we will have a big meal, and Sunday we will go to church am and pm, and rest in between, making it a time of family games and leisure activities. I think it will go a long way of helping calm the house.

I also have obtained a couple of chore charts and white board from a couple of different thrift shops, (can you believe that we went to 2 different ones and got almost identical boards?! God is good!) and I have fixed them up to work for our family. Then I made a routine list, with Devotion time, Bible reading, prayer, and prayer journal time, as well as misc. chores. This will be a start for us, hopefully it will work, because we NEED this, in order to get the kids to help more, and later this will help me with homeschooling, Lord willing!

Other finds at thrift shops have been numerous. We get our books from there regularly. I came across this one book, I thought it was PERFECT! It had a family devotion, scripture, a reinforcing activity. EXACTLY what I thought I needed! I went back to the thrift store a little later, after scrounging up the 0.53 needed to get the book. I looked it through again, super excited, then I looked at the back, and my face fell and heart sunk…..Published by the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints…..SIGH! I put it back, knowing I could not use it, due to some major conflict of faith….hopefully I can find one at a Christian book store that is similar, that is not LDS. After that I did manage to find a Rod and Staff coloring book ๐Ÿ™‚

Other finds over that past couple of weeks have included some potential Christmas presents for the children, like unopened puzzles and games. And some vintage Spirograph sets (I had to get 2 since the first one was incomplete) for all of us ๐Ÿ™‚ Also I found 2 BEAUTIFUL cast iron skillets. They were perfect, very little rust, very well kept (I am sorry I didn’t get the dutch oven then, I went back and it was gone). I have never used cast iron, I have always been leery, because of the horror stories of food that would not come off and rust. I did some research, and have found out how to take care of them properly, and in doing so my skillets CAN become as good as nonstick. So far I have been cooking greasy foods in them to help season them better. We cooked eggs in the small one today, and it did not stick! I think I like these better than the stainless steel set I got last year (everything sticks to those). Here is a pic:

I also found some Corelle in the Strawberry Sundae pattern. I am so excited! Its just what I want for my kitchen (theme: strawberries ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and they are extremely durable and light. The only problem is that people snatch this pattern up pretty fast. I have had some luck finding some on Ebay and purchased some of the coffee cups and saucers. My goal is to have at least a service for 16, since we have a big family, and we want to have plenty for guests. And the cool thing it that it won’t take up any more space that my current dinnerware (its huge! and cheap….) I would love to get my hands on the pattern in Corning Ware bakeware, but those are even more rare than the regular setting! I will just have to keep my eyes peeled, and purchase small sets off Ebay.
Here is a pic of the plates. The smaller one is an Avon plate, back in 1978 they had what I call a dessert setting, small plates, coffee cups, carafe , napkin rings, and so forth. The coffee cups were at first candles, the carafe was full of bubble bath, the sugar shaker was full of bath powder (those would make some pretty salt and pepper shakers ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Then you could use the items in the kitchen. Its amazing how similar the patterns are!

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click here for article, and at the bottom there is an offer for a $5 off coupon

Here are my opinions….

I think its ridiculous for ANY company to recall products due to CONSUMER misuse! Now I understand if its a manufacturing/labeling issue….but all these medicines have warnings about overdosing! If you aren’t following your dr’s instructions about how much to give your baby, then you have a SERIOUS lack of common sense!!!!! Argggghhhh!!! It just boggles my brain when parents who supposedly love their kids, misuse medicines! oh and when they misuse medicines on themselves, and perhaps they sue, because they can’t follow directions (hmmm maybe this is all tied to the public school systems?! lets sue them then!) Next thing you know, there will be another recall or 2 and there won’t be any fever reducer/pain reliever to use on our children, and then they will recall other medicines because people don’t have enough common sense to FOLLOW LABEL DIRECTIONS!!!

And NO, I am not going to throw away what I have…I have the sense to follow the directions on the bottle.

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