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Ok! I need to kick myself into high gear and get this place clean! I have put it off entirely too much the past couple of weeks, and honestly, its getting pretty yucky ’round here! Right now, in between writing this blog and watching the 2 younger girls, I am drinking some coffee, in hopes I will be perked up enough to get these things done. Some of these include many little steps.

1. I need to finish getting my coupons organized. Last month I used a new system, using a binder with baseball card pages. I had it divided up, but I have been putting each section into better order, so I am not flipping back and forth so much. I need to do my monthly coupon shopping, at Homeland tonight or tomorrow. We are getting low on food, and we need to take some food to the church for the food pantry on Sunday. Couponing is a real blessing, especially with a store like Homeland that doubles coupons 🙂

2. I need to work on a menu plan. I was thoroughly inspired by a service I subscribed to a long time ago, Dine Without Whine . Its a wonderful idea, of pre-made menus and shopping lists, I am trying to save all the money I can right now. I am thinking I can do something very similar. What I want to do is have a list of main dishes that I can make (with little effort on my part, the ones I have been doing for years and some new ones). Then I will compile my own cookbook with the recipes for those dishes. I don’t need recipes for some of them, but I think it would be handy to have on hand for teaching the children to cook, and for my husband. If something were to happen and I couldn’t cook (like being sick) I want the temptation to eat out to be minimal. Then after I get that done, I can compile a weekly menu system, to ensure we won’t be eating casseroles an entire week (or soups, or Cuban,etc). I then can compile a master “pantry” list, to keep with me, so as I find these items on sale, I can pick them up, instead of waiting until I need it. I will also have more complete lists of things I need to complete the recipes (like veggies, meats, and items like that) It will take quite a while to get this all together, but I think the benefit of eating out less will help out far more 🙂 After I get the dinners done, I will work on Breakfasts and Lunches (mainly for summer, and when we start homeschooling). I am now wishing I hadn’t put this off soooo long!

3. I have been researching Judaism, to try to understand our Jewish roots as Christians. I have found out so much about the feasts, holidays, and Sabbath. And like I mentioned in a previous post, I am really wanting to implement Sabbath ASAP in our home. Eventually I would love to celebrate the feasts too, while teaching/learning about the ties to Christianity. My goal here, is to research more over the next few weeks, and get my housework where I am able to have a Sabbath day for our family (whether it would be Saturday or Sunday). Right now we need “a” Sabbath, and are not going to worry what day we observe it. For more info on Judaism check out Judaism 101 . Also I found a homeschool curriculum I want to look at more, that is Messianic in nature. I am really liking what I have read so far, and want to look more into the samples. They have a really neat book on Biblical feasts, and how they relate to the New Testament, and how they may fit in to prophecies yet to be fulfilled. For more info see Heart of Wisdom .

4. We really need to get some final yard work done before it gets way too cold. We need to do one last mowing (mainly because of the risk of fire we have in Oklahoma), and need to cut back the mums. There is some weeding that needs to be done, then we need to lay down some mulch. And I need to get my husband to find us a storage unit, so we can store our lawn care things and some other items in the house someplace out of the way. I think this will greatly help in creating more room for us here. We have a lot of things that are stored away until we get a home (keepsakes, photo albums, seasonal clothes, bigger clothes for the kids, tools, etc) I think it will cheer me up too, and help me not feel so overwhelmed too. I get so frustrated with not having a home with a garage, extra closet space, a bigger kitchen (I have had more room in some small apartments that I have lived in!)

Well, I think that is it for now, I am hoping we get a lot of this done this weekend 🙂


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