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Well, it was bound to happen, right? And reading last year’s January blog confirmed it…I need a vacation, from blogging, from unnecessary internet use, from wasting my all my free time on here (the internet). Those of you who know me, know that I don’t like to make any resolutions, but goals. I looked at my goals from last year, and its not that I didn’t accomplish much, and its only because I chose not to. I do realize that there have been many changes since then, like Lilly becoming a toddler, DH changing jobs, and so on.

I have also become complacent in my life, I have become ok with not interacting with other people, ok with sitting around at home, ok with being lazy, ok with not dealing with stuff, and on and on. Its almost like my whole life has become stagnate, and for whatever reason it doesn’t bother me. Maybe its because of for much of my life, I have been on some sort of emotional roller coaster, and now that I am in a stable relationship, I have just kinda blanked out. But now my stagnation is taking affect on those around me, the people I love most are suffering from unhappiness. I need to push myself to do what I don’t want to, to deal with my issues, to get out in the world and live. Its funny, because I feel inside like a kid, “I don’t want to! I just want to stay here, and sleep awhile, or at least veg out here” and all the while my world could be falling apart, like its beginning to. Don’t get me wrong, things are not horrible, but I need to stop doing whatever I have been doing and get my act together.

I don’t blame my blogging, my interest in various websites (oh, like consumerqueen.com, I love finding good deals, coupons, and playing those instant wins!), or the internet in general. But its certainly not helping. I think its time for me to take a break, a vacation from certain things on here. For the next month, my time on the computer will be limited. My intention is to use the internet for necessary things, like communication with family and friends via email, paying bills, stuff like that. I have a few things to take care of on Ebay, then after that I won’t be getting on there either. All the extra stuff like blogging, myspace, playing games, will be put on the back burner. I am planning on this vacation to last at least a month. In that time, I am hoping to address some of my personal issues, start keeping a written prayer journal, pray more, read the Bible more, headcover more, etc. I want to get stuff done, that I have been putting off. I do realize that I will have to limit tv time too, because when I don’t use the internet, I tend to watch a lot of tv lol. But anyway…

Bye to every one for now, much love and prayers. I eagerly look forward to getting back here, with a refreshed mind and spirit, with certain goals accomplished. 🙂


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