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I was browsing through blogs, and found out about this movie…dh and I will be going to see it asap! And its by Ben Stein for those of you who like him 🙂

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

here is just a tidbit from the website under Movie overview:

Ben realizes that he has been “Expelled,” and that educators and scientists are being ridiculed, denied tenure and even fired – for the “crime” of merely believing that there might be evidence of “design” in nature, and that perhaps life is not just the result of accidental, random chance.”


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 Update: I did receive a reply to one of the emails I sent regarding this issue, so quickly! He assured me that they are working on fixing it, it has passed the house, and now its in the Senate. So I am praying that it goes through quickly 🙂

Court Drops Case of ‘Peeping Tom’ in Target; Says Victim Was Not in Private Place

A man accused of using a camera to take pictures under the skirt of an unsuspecting 16-year-old girl at a Tulsa store did not commit a crime, a state appeals court has ruled.

here is the article

I wanted to address this article since I heard about it on the local news here in Oklahoma Here is a segment:

In a dissent, Appeals Judge Gary Lumpkin wrote that “what this decision does is state to women who desire to wear dresses that there is no expectation of privacy as to what they have covered with their dress.”

“In other words, it is open season for peeping Toms in public places who want to look under a woman’s dress,” Lumpkin wrote.

He said he found the majority’s finding of no reasonable expectation of privacy “interesting and disturbing.”

My initial question was, just how short was the skirt she was wearing?! But I noticed that the article said he had knelt down to get the pic…so theoretically, she could have been wearing a modest skirt, at least knee length. In fact, this creep could have done the same thing to me or my 3 young daughters and we wear long skirts and dresses! This is a problem even for those of us practicing modesty!

I am appalled the the decision made by the courts, and I pray that the Assistant DA will continue to encourage the legislature, to change the current law. I have done my part and emailed my state representative and state senator. If you are wanting to contact them, check out this link for Oklahoma residents : Oklahoma Legislature Search

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Here is some of my fave music cds! Most of these I could listen too over and over again 🙂 The first 3 are the only ones in a particular order, mainly because of the impact on my life, but the rest are in no particular order.

Newsboys – Going Public
DC Talk – Free at Last , Jesus Freak
Audio Adrenaline – Don’t Censor Me

The Benjamin Gate – “untitled”
Jars of Clay – (self titled cd)
Leeland – Sound of Melodies
Mercy Me – Almost There, undone
Salvador – Dismiss the Mystery, So Natural, Into Motion, Que Tan Lejos Esta El Cielo
Sanctus Real – The Face of Love
Steve Taylor – Squint
Chris Tomlin – Arriving, See the Morning
City on a Hill – various artists, the first one
In the Name of Love – various artists
Seltzer – various artists
MxPx – Teenage Politics

A new CD I find cool….Mike Farris – Salvation in Lights

2 CDs I can’t wait to get! LOL

Decemberadio – (self titled)
NeedtoBreathe – The Heat

The first three artists listed hold a special place in my heart…they were tiny seeds planted in a restless and lost heart. The first time I ever heard modern, contemporary Christian music was through friends who invited me to church. They didn’t listen to Christian music a whole lot, but in van rides to youth events served as the source of this new music. Back then I was deep into secular music, it was as much a part of me as anything else at the time. I would spend so much time listening to music, just to escape. Much of the music I listened to was dark, hopeless, and it was so hard to give up. Looking back, I think I was addicted to it!

Becoming familiar to the few songs I heard repeatedly in youth group helped me to eventually find a Christian music radio station. I would occasionally flip from station to station to skip commercials, and one time I happened to hear a familiar song, so I stopped to listen. This went on for a while (flipping back and forth), gradually I would listen longer and longer, waiting for the familiar tunes. It wasn’t until a several (maybe 6 or 7) years ago that I started listening to Christian music all the time, without going back to secular music. Now the only time I hear anything secular is when its on at a store or relative’s house.

Christian music is a source of controversy, there are people like me who think that there is little wrong with it, and there are those who think it is evil, and its sinful…with those I respectfully disagree. Granted, there are some artists that are riding a very fine line between the secular and Christian world…but there are several artists that minister to those who may never step into church with lyrics speaking of hope, love, and Something beyond themselves. If it weren’t for the modern Christian music scene, I might not even be here, speaking of the miracles of God in my life. It would have been far harder for me to leave my old life behind, or even to hear God’s call. I believe that He spoke to me through music to bring me close, to deliver me from my old life. Now when I hear some of those old songs, from the early days of contemporary Christian music, I am reminded of how far God has brought me, and how wonderful He is!

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Homeschool Resources

I created a new page, here are the links I have included so far, check the tabs on the top for a more current listing later on! I will be adding as I find them!

Homeschool Links

Oklahoma Resources (info and where to find)

HERO of Oklahoma

Oklahoma Christian Home Educators Consociation

Textbook Exchange has a homeschool section in-store

The Book Samaritan a source for free homeschool curriculum for families who may need help with curriculum

Information on Homeschooling

Cathy Duffy Reviews

Charity MinistriesOffers various tapes, including a version of the Gregg Harris Homeschool seminar, free (please donate to support their ministry)

Christian and Homeschool Resource Center

Classical Christian Homeschooling

Exploring Homeschooling

Feed My Lambs

Gregg Harris Blog This man has a fantastic homeschooling seminar available to listen too.

Homeschool Spot

Homeschool World

Simply Charlotte Mason

You Can Homeschool– HSLDA, request a free DVD

Curriculum Companies

A Beka

Alpha Omega Publications

Ambleside Online free Charlotte Mason style curriculum

Basic Christian Education

BJU Press

Choose Art

Christian Light Publications

Cornerstone Curriculum

Covenant Home Curriculum

Eagle’s Wings Educational Materials

Easy Grammar Systems

Five in a Row

Heart of Wisdom

KONOS Curriculum

Old Fashioned Education– Free curriculum, etc

Saxon Homeschool

Shurley English

Sonlight Curriculum

The Sycamore Tree

Zion Academy

Stores to get curriculum (that is not the direct site)

Christianbook.com Homeschool page

Keepers of the Faith Curriculum page

Mardel – while they do not sell online, visit a Mardel near you to see their Homeschool section!

Second Harvest Curriculum


American Heritage Girls

Canon Press

Classical Christian Homeschooling Online Conference

ESL Writing Wizard

Handwriting for Kids

Handwriting Worksheet Maker

Keepers of the Faith

Kids Coloring Pages

Project Gutenberg

The Mailbox


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In Sunday School, we have been studying the book of Daniel with Beth Moore’s Daniel study . Its been an eye opening, and awe inspiring study, and that truly surprised me, given my reservations about “popular Bible studies”. Anyway, we were watching the weekly video (there is one video per week with the study) and I perked up when she started talking about the importance of modesty in this modern day Babylon. I smiled inwardly, and thought “YESSSS!”…finally a popular author saying we should be dressing modestly! We have made it to…I think its week 5, and so far its been wonderful. I did notice that she makes a good attempt to dress modestly, and the clothing is not too tight and reveals little. While I wouldn’t wear the pants, at least they weren’t painted on LOL!

Anyway, modesty is critical in our society. It sets us apart, and reminds us to live as we have been called. For me it is a constant reminder (along with my covering) of Who is in control…and it definitely is not me! 🙂 If we are serious about our faith, then we should be willing to do what the Word says, and be willing to do what God tells us to do. I am convinced that modesty is for everyone, man, woman, child. Regardless of religion, regardless of denomination. It hurts no one, and yes, there is a freedom in modesty. There is also a broad range of modest style…you can still dress “in-style” and be modest, or you can choose to go “plain”. You know, I am encouraged with other women who at least are attempting to be modest, and not flaunting what they have (or don’t have… depending on how you look at it). I may not agree with their definition of modesty, but at least they are trying!

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