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In Sunday School, we have been studying the book of Daniel with Beth Moore’s Daniel study . Its been an eye opening, and awe inspiring study, and that truly surprised me, given my reservations about “popular Bible studies”. Anyway, we were watching the weekly video (there is one video per week with the study) and I perked up when she started talking about the importance of modesty in this modern day Babylon. I smiled inwardly, and thought “YESSSS!”…finally a popular author saying we should be dressing modestly! We have made it to…I think its week 5, and so far its been wonderful. I did notice that she makes a good attempt to dress modestly, and the clothing is not too tight and reveals little. While I wouldn’t wear the pants, at least they weren’t painted on LOL!

Anyway, modesty is critical in our society. It sets us apart, and reminds us to live as we have been called. For me it is a constant reminder (along with my covering) of Who is in control…and it definitely is not me! 🙂 If we are serious about our faith, then we should be willing to do what the Word says, and be willing to do what God tells us to do. I am convinced that modesty is for everyone, man, woman, child. Regardless of religion, regardless of denomination. It hurts no one, and yes, there is a freedom in modesty. There is also a broad range of modest style…you can still dress “in-style” and be modest, or you can choose to go “plain”. You know, I am encouraged with other women who at least are attempting to be modest, and not flaunting what they have (or don’t have… depending on how you look at it). I may not agree with their definition of modesty, but at least they are trying!


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