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Here is some of my fave music cds! Most of these I could listen too over and over again 🙂 The first 3 are the only ones in a particular order, mainly because of the impact on my life, but the rest are in no particular order.

Newsboys – Going Public
DC Talk – Free at Last , Jesus Freak
Audio Adrenaline – Don’t Censor Me

The Benjamin Gate – “untitled”
Jars of Clay – (self titled cd)
Leeland – Sound of Melodies
Mercy Me – Almost There, undone
Salvador – Dismiss the Mystery, So Natural, Into Motion, Que Tan Lejos Esta El Cielo
Sanctus Real – The Face of Love
Steve Taylor – Squint
Chris Tomlin – Arriving, See the Morning
City on a Hill – various artists, the first one
In the Name of Love – various artists
Seltzer – various artists
MxPx – Teenage Politics

A new CD I find cool….Mike Farris – Salvation in Lights

2 CDs I can’t wait to get! LOL

Decemberadio – (self titled)
NeedtoBreathe – The Heat

The first three artists listed hold a special place in my heart…they were tiny seeds planted in a restless and lost heart. The first time I ever heard modern, contemporary Christian music was through friends who invited me to church. They didn’t listen to Christian music a whole lot, but in van rides to youth events served as the source of this new music. Back then I was deep into secular music, it was as much a part of me as anything else at the time. I would spend so much time listening to music, just to escape. Much of the music I listened to was dark, hopeless, and it was so hard to give up. Looking back, I think I was addicted to it!

Becoming familiar to the few songs I heard repeatedly in youth group helped me to eventually find a Christian music radio station. I would occasionally flip from station to station to skip commercials, and one time I happened to hear a familiar song, so I stopped to listen. This went on for a while (flipping back and forth), gradually I would listen longer and longer, waiting for the familiar tunes. It wasn’t until a several (maybe 6 or 7) years ago that I started listening to Christian music all the time, without going back to secular music. Now the only time I hear anything secular is when its on at a store or relative’s house.

Christian music is a source of controversy, there are people like me who think that there is little wrong with it, and there are those who think it is evil, and its sinful…with those I respectfully disagree. Granted, there are some artists that are riding a very fine line between the secular and Christian world…but there are several artists that minister to those who may never step into church with lyrics speaking of hope, love, and Something beyond themselves. If it weren’t for the modern Christian music scene, I might not even be here, speaking of the miracles of God in my life. It would have been far harder for me to leave my old life behind, or even to hear God’s call. I believe that He spoke to me through music to bring me close, to deliver me from my old life. Now when I hear some of those old songs, from the early days of contemporary Christian music, I am reminded of how far God has brought me, and how wonderful He is!


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