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Ooh! ooh! I have an idea! Instead of exempting cheerleaders from the dress code…how about we make the uniforms appropriate according to the dress code! Nah, that would be too easy lol 😉

My original response was to get rid of cheerleading programs…but like that will happen….too many people like seeing skimpy dress little girls jumping around. *eye roll* And to be honest, all the the sporting events I have been to over the years, the cheerleaders never did motivate me to cheer, I had to watch a lot of guys (not all mind you) STARING at the girls, and no they really weren’t cheering. Some of you may think I am biased because of my Band Nerd heritage, but I assure you  I really loved watching football, the sport is awesome 🙂 and while I once disliked cheerleaders, I do realize they are people with feelings and such. Its just sad for me to see these girls exposing  their bodies all day long (at most schools) in the ever shrinking uniform. And with all that being said, my girls WILL NOT be participating in cheerleading as far as we are concerned.


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