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August 31, 2009

WOOOHOOOO! Water heater has been fixed, mucho thanks to a family friend that saved us about $1000 🙂 I am so happy that burden has been taken care of (Praise God!) Now if the insurance guy will hurry up and call us back, that would be awesome. I hate not knowing what is going on, but I do know that he was on vacation last week. I can’t wait to have that new roof put on, thats a HUGE burden that will be done! Now if only we had the money for a new central heat and air system and new windows, then that would be even better! We will let God take care of those things as He has taken care of us this far!

The weather has been absolutely FABULOUS! its been in the lower 80s and upper 70s with the nights in the 60s, so we have had our window units off and windows open. Yesterday, we went to the annual church picnic and it was enjoyable. They had giant inflatables, like a water slide and a huge slip-n-slide. The boys played on them they entire time, while Lilly and Abby thought it was too cold for playing in the water! lol, poor Abby was chattering and of course we didn’t bring the older kids a change of clothes (figuring they would be in the water the entire time!)

We ordered a new pc late last week, and we are eagerly awaiting its arrival, the pc we have now is plenty “old” and is soooo sssslllloooowwww! And we got a new monitor with it, along with a wireless router thingy (so technical, I know!). So hopefully by the end of this week, it will be here, all in one piece.

We are still waiting on the shipment of supplements to come in. I am really needing them, my energy level has been way down, and my mood has been BLAH. I don’t want to fork out the money to buy the SAM-e at Walmart, and if I do, it would be my luck that the shipment would arrive. LOL So for now I am praying hard that I can deal with the emotional stuff, right now its difficult.

Anyway, got to go give Abby her spelling quiz and then give Brendan his…


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August 26, 2009

Howdy all! I pray your day has been blessed so far!

Yesterday, hubby started school 🙂 He said it was a good day, full of walking lol. We juggled some stuff financially and he was able to get his books taken care of. We are still waiting on the student loans to come through, hopefully by the end of the week, but at the latest next week (or so they say).

We found a roofer, which is giving us a great deal. God really worked it out perfectly, and it turns out that we know the owner of the roofing company, a pastor of a church we used to attend for 3-4 months (and he DID remember us!). We are waiting to hear from the insurance company, on whether we can get them to cover a little more of the costs. We can’t have the roofer start until we hear back, and it turns out the adjuster fellow that is over our case just happens to be on vacation this week :-

We haven’t got our water heater replaced yet, as we are waiting on the money to come in from the student loan. It has days where its leaking like crazy and days it hardly leaks at all. So I am praying that it lasts until we can get it fixed! We are thinking about having a family friend take care of it for us, and hopefully that will save us about $1000 (at least we are hoping so!)

We are hoping that at least one of the garnishments will be stopped. The other attorney had said something to ours and I think we are getting that all worked out. It will either be something like $100 month or we are making an offer to settle for a lesser amount if we pay in a lump sum. As far as the DHS thing, the attorney for DHS has not been returning our attorney’s calls (Big surprise there…not!). Apparently the guy is NEVER in his office, sooooo, we are stuck waiting.

Like I mentioned before, we got James’ glasses taken care of, but no sooner did we get those fixed…then Abby broke hers. Fortunately, she only needs them for reading type activities, and she can see ok with out them. So we can put that off for a little while longer.

Overall, God is taking care of all the things that are stressing me out! Praise be to God!

After some encouragement from hubby, I am taking SAM-e again for my moods. I stopped taking it about a year ago (oh my goodness, it may have been even longer than that!), I don’t really remember why, but part of it was cost. Let me tell you, I have been struggling a lot lately with mood swings, that have been VERY hard on me and those around me. And this is day 2 on the SAM-e and I already feel somewhat better. I am not as edgy and a little more relaxed. While doing some price comparing on some vitamins and supplements I was taking (until I ran out!) I found out I could get a 2 month supply for the price I was paying for a 1 month supply at Walmart at a website. Its all worth it, especially if it helps my mood 🙂 Here is a list of stuff I am (was, and will be taking when I get them ordered!) a multivitamin, odorless garlic (mainly for my high cholesterol, and also helps ward off illness!), probiotic, cod liver oil, SAM-e. I have noticed that when I was taking the other items (not the SAM-e), I was not as sick, even when the kids were sick. That is a great bonus:) I am looking to order more of the cod liver oil and probiotic that I usually do, I am thinking that the older kids could probably take those things to help boost their immune systems 🙂 Oh, and hopefully I can gain some energy so we can start eating better 🙂

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Its such a beautiful morning, I had hubby open up some of the windows early this morning, before he left 🙂 What makes that even more beautiful, is that our money isn’t being blown through our a/c’s LOL!

Lets see….We are in week 3 of homeschooling for this year. So far so good! James, Brendan and Abby, have a more positive outlook and seem to be more motivated, especially with the curriculum changes. Doing the SOS math has been a huge burden off of me this year, hopefully it will continue to go smoothly, even as they get to the parts that aren’t review. The approach I am using for spelling has been going well too, as they are more motivated to pass the first quiz to get farther on the lists. I think the huge thing with that is that they are not “wasting” their time on stuff they already know! We have barely gotten into the unit study, I was waiting on some books from the library (and not all of them have come in yet) so we started that yesterday. They seemed to be ok with it, but we will see 🙂

Its been a real trying week around here…Hubby is getting set to start school on Tues, so we were (and still) awaiting word on his school loans. Turns out they misplaced his paperwork at OU, and they said it would be available today (but as of this morning its not there). He has basically until Monday to get his books and other stuff he may need. So we are eagerly awaiting to hear what is going on there.

In addition to that minor issue, we have had several things happen to our house… the first thing was about a week ago we had a storm blow in (not really big news here in Oklahoma LOL) but it did bring in some strong winds from the north and LOTS of rain (praise God! we need rain!) I awoke at 3:30am to check on Lilly (she was fussing) and looked up to see some small water stains that were there before! I am so thankful that there was no water leaking through as this was right over our heads in bed!  So in the morning we promptly call our insurance company, and they came out a few days later and told us we get to replace our roof 🙂 YAY (but we may have to fight to get full value of replacement costs and we have a huge unexpected deductible, God will take care of it!). And since then, the stain has not gotten any worse, even with some other rain that has come through 🙂

A day or so later, I noticed water under our water heater in the garage. I had initially thought, and hoped, that it was from all that rain, but the water stayed even after the rain was long gone. A couple of days ago a plumber confirmed our concernes when he told us it HAS to be replaced, and will have to be brought up to the new code…at the very least $1700 to do the job (I think this is where I lost the color on my face). We called around and some other places were saying $1800 to $2000.

And in this same week, James broke BOTH pairs of his glasses, and his prescription had expired, so off to the eye dr we had to go. Fortunately, we got a great deal on his new glasses, both when said and done were only $107! (Praise God for good deals right before the school year starts lol)

All this while hubby’s check is being garnished. That’s a whole other story, as its not supposed to be, but because we are dealing with other attorney involved with our custody case and DHS, it could be a long process to get them to stop. We should know something real soon on the one involving the attorney as he had until yesterday to prove to the judge that the garnishment was not premature. Hopefully our attorney will get ahold of DHS real soon (they won’t talk to hubby because he has an attorney), they did not read ALL of the child support order, where we made payment arrangements on the back support with out being come after for the back support (if that makes sense!) so they are now trying to come after hubby for back support, which we have been paying on every month!.

So my stress level has been through the roof! I know that God will take care of all this stuff, and in the end, none of this matters. But its hard, so hard, when its one thing after another after another. I don’t expect things to be a breeze in life, but I can say that I don’t look forward to times like this! lol All I can think is that we are on the right path somewhere, and the adversary is trying his all to discourage us! But in reality, its causing us to put even more faith in God, so that’s not such a bad thing 😉 Anyway, I am prayin’ for things to work out (they WILL, I know God will take care of it!) and for me to be able to relax! LOL

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Today is a humid day after all the rain we had yesterday…I am so thankful for the blessing of rain! I have the windows open, but I have a strong feeling that I will be closing them soon 🙂

I am starting to get things together for this school year. I am procrastinating some, but there are some things that have come up that are forcing us to put off getting some of the things we need. Right now I need to get organized and see where the kids are at in math. Looking at the placement tests I am thinking they may be way ahead of what I had hoped last year! 🙂 I have decided to be a little more relaxed this year, and pray that things will go smoother for my sake (and the kids!) They were so bored with all the workbooks, so I am hoping they will blossom with the new curriculum style (Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach). I am also researching blog sites (including this one) so I can set up a “family blog” so the children can chime in to keep family in the loop in our adventures.

I have found myself feeling a little anxious, not in a bad way! Hubby and I have been talking about certain things lately (can’t really elaborate on that right now) but I have an excited feeling deep inside. We feel God tugging at us, about somethings that He has placed in our hearts for a while now,  and in a discussion last night with Hubby, I received some confirmation. While we are not for sure on all the details, we are doing what planning we can (which involves some researching on our part). In the middle of all of this we are faced with some trials, and strangely enough, I feel at peace with the whole situation!  I know God is telling me that it will be all ok, and it will all work out. While I am working on the “trusting God to take care of us”  I can’t help but play my part as a “child” LOL. I want to plan plan plan, and I have this inkling that what ever God has planned, it will be quick and we won’t be able to have all the details planned until it happens. Isn’t that what usually happens? We have our plans and God comes in at an unexpected time and poof we have to scrap or rearrange OUR plans?! LOL

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As you can see I am beginning to update this blog! Its taking me a bit because of the changes wordpress has gone through over time, so I need to get reacquainted 🙂 I am still mulling over a name for the blog, so for now we will stick with the web address LOL.

I am also debating on redoing the individual pages. One problem I am having is that links change or get deleted faster than I can keep up with. So something I am thinking about is deleting the pages and just doing links in the sidebars. I am also thinking about cleaning out the links and only sharing what are my personal favorites, since there are other directories out there. I will still help you out if you need to find something about modesty and headcovering or something like that 🙂

Anyway, be looking for some of my xanga blogs popping over here, and new posts! 🙂

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Its been a while, and maybe I would update it more often. I would leave up what info is here, and maybe move some stuff over here (mainly recent stuff) from my xanga site 🙂

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