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I guess I could blog about some new year’s thoughts and recaps…but I am thinking I don’t want to hash out all of our housing repair issues we have had this year lol. We could have had a lot of bills paid off this year!

I, like so may of you out there, have some high hopes for the coming year…and it may very well be a year of big changes if God decides to do what we think He may, (but we all know how that goes, we are thinking one way, and He is thinking another!) I am hoping to have many of our bills paid off, at least our smaller ones, and work at becoming debt free. I want to be healthier (especially weight-wise!), I know that sounds cliche, but I really am hoping! (time to break out the Chicometrics again, and since we “have” to have cable, I will also utilize the Free workouts On Demand! LOL)

The most important thing for me to do, is get my act together and quit making excuses in general! Ugh. its the truth, I procrastinate, and spew out excuses, with God, housework, and self improvement!

Well, I don’t have much else to say at this time…be here’s to a new year, and treating everyday as a new beginning 😉


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I just got finished making some Pumpkin eggnog. I was a little disappointed I couldn’t find a recipe that DID NOT call for a dozen egg yolks or ice cream. What I did was adjust a recipe I had for Coquito (Tropical or Puerto Rican eggnog, its very yummy!) . I tasted it before letting it set in the fridge over night, and it tastes pretty good, so I am hoping it will taste better cold!  lol I did NOT add the rum to this batch. I would also guess that you could just take a favorite eggnog recipe and add a can of pumpkin (and maybe a little sugar). If anyone has a great recipe for Pumpkin nog, please share!

* Update – After chilling for a day, it tasted really good, Hubby said it was like liquid pumpkin pie! So I guess its a hit! Its still a little thick for our liking, so next time I will add either more half and half or another can of evaporated milk (and doing that, I will probably have to add more sugar)

2 egg yolks, beaten
1 (12 fluid ounce) can evaporated milk
1 can pumpkin
1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk
1/2 cup white rum
3-4 heaping tablespoons brown sugar
1/2 -1 cup half and half, milk, OR water
1/4 teaspoon ground cloves
3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1. In the top of a double boiler, combine egg yolks and evaporated milk. Stirring constantly, cook over lightly simmering water until mixture reaches a temperature of 160 degrees F (71 degrees C). The mixture should be thick enough to coat the back of a spoon. Add in brown sugar and stir to dissolve,
2. Transfer mixture to a blender (if no blender just whisk it all together), and add pumpkin,  sweetened condensed milk, rum, half and half, cloves, cinnamon, and vanilla. Blend for about 30 seconds. Pour into glass bottles, and chill overnight.

*The mixture was pretty thick even with the 1/2 cup of half and half, I added additional, until it was a little bit thinner consistency.

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Homemade mac and cheese

This recipe is one of the best I have tried 🙂 An online friend requested it, so I thought I would share!

Macaroni and Cheese (from The Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook)

makes 4 servings

2 cups dried elbow macaroni (8 oz)
1/2 cup chopped onion (or a little onion powder)
2 Tbsp butter or margarine
2 Tbsp all-purpose flour
1/8 tsp black pepper
2 1/2 cups milk
1 1/2 cups shredded cheddar cheese (6 oz)
1 1/2 cups shredded American cheese (6 oz)

1. Cook macaroni according to package directions; drain and set aside.

2. Meanwhile , for the cheese sauce, in a medium saucepan cook onion in hot butter until tender. Stir in flour and pepper. Add milk all at once. Cook and stir over medium heat until slightly thickened and bubbly. Add cheeses, stirring until melted. Stir in cooked macaroni. Transfer mixture to 2 quart baking dish.

3. Bake uncovered , in a 350 degree oven for 25 to 30 minutes or until bubbly and heated through. Let stand for 10 minutes before serving.

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I have been busy the past few days cleaning! ugh, it never ends! LOL We had a mouse fiasco the past week, which finally ended this morning! YAY!

We are almost all ready for Christmas…I just need to get a couple more gifts or something, I have no clue! I am glad to have most things done. I am hoping to start reading some Christ centered Christmas books (including out of the Bible) to the kids the next few nights. And hopefully have some good discussions with them.

This Christmas, I have had much more peace, about celebrating it. The past couple of years, I spent being torn about it all, especially with more reading that I did. I came to a conclusion, that I will submit to my husband on this matter, as he sees nothing wrong in celebrating it. God has brought such peace about it over my heart! I think sometimes, as Christians, we tend to get caught up in those type details, and don’t realize that it can cause people to worry over things that don’t really matter…I should have spent more time reflecting and figuring out ways to show people Christ’s love, instead of obsessing over whether or not to celebrate a holiday. Anyway, with all that being said, please don’t leave me nasty comments, or corrective comments, telling me I am wrong in celebrating Christmas. I am going with what hubby says on the matter 😉 but if it makes you feel any better, we don’t do the whole Santa bit, whatever the kids know about Santa has come from their time in Public school or people who insist on talking about it with them… 😐

As for the new thing I might be trying…. I have been thoroughly inspired by a few other covering sisters on Youtube, and I MIGHT give it a whirl. From just searching for headcovering vids, there are a ton of Muslim ones, a handful from Catholic and Orthodox believers, but hardly any at all from Protestant believers. So I think that maybe it would be cool to make a video from my perspective. The biggest issue I have, is I HATE being in pictures, I don’t do well with speaking, but I figure it might be good practice to overcome shyness 🙂 LOL

Here is the link to my channel. I already have some videos in my favorites list. So keep and eye out! When and if I post, I will embed the video on here as well.

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French Minister Wants to Deny Citizenship to Muslims Wearing Veils –

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Thanks to Anna at Veiled Glory for sharing 🙂

Check out Dockers new Man-ifesto ad campaign:


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We made it through another year of Journey to Bethlehem! Wow, over 7400 people came during those 4 days! We had some great groups come through, and one man in our group told me that there were 4 people all the way from Mongolia! I also got word this morning that God is answering prayers left on the prayer trees that we had set up from last year! Its not very often that we hear about what happens after we pray for those requests, but it is so encouraging to get a small glimpse of the difference prayer can make!

I am still pretty tired, and our daily schedule is a bit out of whack, hopefully I can get the kids back into a routine soon LOL. 🙂

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