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U.K. Church Leader: ‘Wives, Submit to Your Husbands’  FOXNews.com.

I found this to be an interesting article. I fully support clergy in stating what the Bible DOES say about submission.

I have to wonder if maybe there was more to the sermon (like the verses around that one) that was addressed, and the people against them are just nit-picking the sermon.

But since I did not hear the sermon, I cannot say for sure what these angry women heard. It seems to me that the people that get all riled up at what the Bible states, are the people with the biggest issue with that in their lives.


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some thoughts…

Since last night, I have been pondering over something that happened recently…I am not going to go into detail, because I don’t think its necessary…but I am thinking I should get it out there and talk a little about my feelings.

Over the past few years, I have blogged about my struggles with loneliness and shyness, and what a bitter and emotional mix those can be,  either on here, or my Xanga blog (I really can’t remember). God has been gently working on some of those issues with the help of a great bunch of people at church (whether they know it or not! LOL). I am finally making friends, and it feels great! Its a different type of friendship that what I grew up with, and overall I think it’s loads healthier in the long run.

That being said, I still struggle with some of the shyness issues (shyness = social anxiety). And at the same time, I am working on the types of conversations I have with friends and such.  Its a difficult transition, when you start becoming aware of the things that come out of your mouth, I often find myself freaking out inside over it. There are plenty of times I feel that I don’t have much to say or I don’t know what to say, and I fall out of conversation or find a way out. Its not that I am uninterested, its that its awkward for me, and I am afraid that some people (especially family and friends) may think I am being rude. I can assure you, that my intention is not to be rude. I really don’t know what else I can say about that. I am going to try to work on it, but it isn’t going to be easy. I also don’t want to become wrapped up into obsessing with what people think. I want to do what God wants of me, and I will be ok with it.

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