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May 25,2010

So much has been going on : hubby’s birthday, youngest daughter’s 4th birthday, Hubby getting his bachelor’s degree, hubby’s surprise grad party, etc etc etc. I am glad that things are calmed down for the most part, but I need to start planning for VBS and our vacation! 😛

Also the past month or 2 my youngest finally decided to be potty trained. I was having horrible issues with her…she is one strong-willed child! lol I had given up on trying the traditional approach (consistently making her sit on the potty every 20- 30 minutes, whether she goes or not), because she would sit on the toilet and scream. Not because she couldn’t go potty, but because she didn’t WANT to. Every couple of weeks I would make her sit on the potty, letting her cry. Then I wouldn’t force the issue for a while. One day, she actually went, and was super proud of her “accomplishment” and decided from that moment on that she was done with diapers, pullups and the like! (my oldest daughter was much the same way, one day she decided she was ready, and that was that). I tried to convince her to wear pull-ups for extended car drives, but she won’t even consider it. Now we have to visit every bathroom we pass, sometimes multiple times in one trip…but I try not to discourage her too much lol.

So, that’s pretty much it for now, I haven’t had time to sit and think about anything I want to write about, and it may be like that until after vacation 🙂


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