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June 28,2010

Its already been over a month since my last update! Over the last couple of weeks, it feels like I can hardly breathe with all the stuff going on.

We got back from our vacation to Miami, FL last week…and no, we didn’t see any oil from the oil spill. 🙂 So far it is not even close to that part of FL. Overall it was a great visit with hubby’s family, and we got to stay in a nice extended stay hotel (and it was about 1/2 the price of other hotels we looked at). While it didn’t have a pool, it was in a quiet area and it was a 3 bedroom apt….so plenty of room for our crew. The drive went well, and the weather cooperated for the the most part. The toughest is always the drive home….it seems to take so much longer, and we are all so tired that emotionally, its tough. There were a couple of times I was so frustrated with our kids, and 1 unfriendly gas station (that wouldn’t let me take my 4 yr old to the restroom unless I was a customer….I am sorry I refuse to pay for use of a restroom, especially if its a gas station off of a major highway with very few stops along the way) that I was in tears. It all just solidified, that at some point (hopefully soon) that we NEED to move closer, within 12-14hrs of Miami, if we are going to continue to visit family down there. We have to make a 2nd trip in Sept. due to my sis-in-law’s wedding, and I am not looking forward to the drive (though I am totally excited for her! 🙂 )  Each time we come home, I think I lose just a little bit more of my mind on the way home LOL!

Now, moving….that is something that we are praying about. I have this strong desire to be in NC. Whenever I read one of the newspapers online, drive through there (which has only happened twice so far) , etc it just feels like “home” and where we are supposed to be. Its hard for me to describe. I am trying to be patient, as I know that that kind of move has to be in God’s timing. There is so much that has to happen between now and whenever, and other issues like visitation with stepdaughter, it just seems so overwhelming….I don’t want to wait yrs…but it seems like it would take that. I know God is bigger than all of that, and can make it happen when it needs to…so I will keep praying, and doing what little I can do in the meantime 🙂

Another big thing that has happened, is our decision on homeschooling. After some thought and prayer, we are going to try to put our children back in school. Things over the past couple of yrs just haven’t workout…and I believe that the kids have had enough time to mature up a bit, so hopefully the behavior issues will not be problems this time (and we are in a different. I still think homeschooling is great, but I cannot continue in our homeschool’s current direction. I think that if the kids need it later on, then we can look at it again but for this year…I need a break and pray about it.

Weight watchers has been going well. I am getting back on track, and hope to continue losing. Even after all the yummy Cuban and Puerto Rican food I pigged out on in FL, I still lost 1.4lbs over 2 weeks.  🙂 I just tried to stop when I was full (though there were a couple of times I did eat more that I should have! LOL)


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