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It seems like every day, things might just be calming down a little. I know I still have much work to do in my life, but I am seeing a little more clearly, and getting more and more determined to keep going. Honestly, there are still a lot of “unknowns”, but I have this peace that everything will work out fine. (and just because I have that peace doesn’t mean that I don’t question it sometimes lol). Its hard right in those moments to hold on to God, knowing that He IS working these things out, and He KNOWS what He is doing… but I know that if my life (and my family’s, for that matter) is going to be put back together, then I *have* to let Him take care of it.

Things I have learned this week (or am learning!) :

In my counseling, I am learning that its not so much my past that is messing me up, its the way I handle the present… I have to re-train my brain to react differently to stress and hard situations…and that could be tough for someone like me. I am hopeful that the counselor will help me through, and she is praying for me too 🙂

Through a few online sermons I listened to, God has really spoken to me. Normally, I like to be very critical of this particular church, but I may have been wrong! oops! Well, anyway, one was a message on toxic thoughts and how to deal with them and replace them with what God has to say in His Word. That is very helpful to me, since its the toxic thinking that traps me in my depression.


The other video from them that spoke to me, was one on the vow of priority (talking about marriage). In that, I was reminded that unless God is #1, my life can suffer. I need to have God #1 and my husband #2, and be aware that it is vitally important that I keep God #1! He explains it so much better than I do, lol.


Anyway….Things are still hard, but I do see a hope, and that is good. There is still a lot of pain, confusion, and just not knowing…boy, I sure am glad that He knows my situation and hears my prayers over my family 🙂 Thanks to all who are praying, keep it up! Pray for clarity, God restore, and “to open the doors that need to be opened and shut (TIGHT) the ones that need to be shut” I know that’s kinda cliche in Christian circles, but its what we are needing at this point 🙂


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