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a milestone …

This is the week that my “year of firsts” ends. I can’t say just how happy I am that God has brought me through!

It was a year ago that I finally stood up for myself and my children and told my now exhusband to leave. He had told me a year earlier that he wanted a divorce and so started a difficult time of arguments, and him spending way too much time with his “best friend” I gave him many opportunities to repent and come back to his family, even having godly men talk to him with little results. I told him it was me or her…and that if he could not let that friendship go then he had to leave. He chose to leave and a few days later I found out that they got an apt together. And then I was a mess and was brought to a point where I opened up to others at our church and let them minister to me in my time of need.

So much has happened in a year! So many challenging things, so many blessings! God has healed me of depression and anxiety. He brought me thru 2 weeks of withdrawals from my antidepressant.  He has provided miraculously for me and my children. I aced my very 1st semester of college (one day I will go back!). He provided me with an awesome job with a church that has helped change my life. He is continually healing my hurts and restoring my children who have been through so much. He has brought some awesome people into my life. He has opened the doors of restoration with my relationship with my family. There is so much more I could list! God is good!

While I hated that I had to go through this, I wouldn’t change a thing. I have grown so much and feel so much more alive. I still have my ups and downs. I still feel a range of emotions when I see my ex (or his girlfriend for that matter) I allow myself to feel them, but not consume me so I don’t get bitter. No matter what I feel at the moment, my prayer is that they both truly experience God’s love for them and be in relationship with Him.

My anger and hurt have already faded some over this last year, and am looking forward to healing more in the future. I cannot be more thankful for a loving God who has brought me thru!


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