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It turns out I have been running away, I didn’t even realize it.

I have spent the last few years on a journey with God to heal and grow. I spent much of that time hurting over the circumstances that forced me to change. To be honest, even recently, anger would rise up every time I see or hear my ex and his fiance. As much as I claimed to be in the process of forgiveness and acknowledged how things are so much better now, I felt  the twinge of hate and bitterness towards them for what happened. Everyone tells me how much I deserve to feel this way, and that it’s all ok. I would nod along in agreement, allowing those feelings to continue to grow. I would say how I prayed that they would both just love God, and grow closer to Him…all while I secretly hoped they would be cursed for what they did. The whisper I heard in my spirit…”You hypocrite!”

I have spent many nights crying to God (and there have been a few moments where I screamed it out).


“I didn’t deserve this! I didn’t choose this!”

“It’s not fair! They get to have each other, and here I am…alone… Yet again! Its not right!”

Of course, in real life, there were far more words and tons more weeping, but you get the picture. During the day, I would pretend everything was great, all was forgiven and that loneliness didn’t exist, because that is what “good” Christians do.

It’s been quite some time since I have had a night like that. This year I finally had started feeling at peace over where I was at in all of this, diving into working, serving and such. Much of my anger was diminishing, and as much as possible (since we have child) , I kept an “I don’t care” attitude about my ex and his life. I was feeling relief, thinking that I had finally made it to the point where I had an acceptable amount of forgiveness, all things considered.

Apparently God had something else He wanted me to work through. Denial.  My reaction: Wha?! (looking around at the imaginary person behind me) What do you mean “denial”? Seriously?!

Denial about my singleness. Denial about being a single parent. Denial about this part of my life. It’s not like I was pretending to be “taken” or that I was still married. God pointed out I was avoiding associating with anything that could label me as such. Earlier this year, I (VERY reluctantly) went to a single moms event . I loved the ladies from our church, but felt ashamed of my circumstance. I tried to find Lifegroups that were a mix of everyone (single, married, young, old, etc) to avoid anything remotely “single” or “divorced”. I didn’t want to accept it, probably out of the “It’s not fair” thinking. Heck, even on Facebook, I refused to put “single” or any status! I didn’t choose it, so I didn’t have to accept it. (God reminds me that’s a victim mentality…) Then my mind goes into thought-process-geek-out-mode: tied to all of that is a fear that stepping into a relationship would then validate my former status as single which should have never happened because it wasn’t my fault. (deep breath)  o_O

Ok. God, I get it. I have to accept my singleness and my past. I have to quit playing the victim. If I ever want a healthy relationship I HAVE to accept, let God heal me and give me COMPLETE peace. Its all part of living in truth…self truth, the kind He reveals to help us grow. In that truth, I am able to go a little further in forgiving others and myself. Thank God, He loves us too much to let us remain the same… (and I will be changing my status to reflect my acceptance, not that I am actively “looking”! LOL 😉 )




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So this week will begin the flood of posts on social media about Valentine’s Day. Some will be talking about their plans with their sweetie, while others will complain about how they wish they had a significant other so they could celebrate it (and I can tell you 98%+ of both of these posts will be made by women lol). All of it causes me to laugh a little, because of what little I know of the real story of St. Valentine and how we as a society let certain businesses think that buying a bunch of their stuff will show our love… ::shaking my head:: Its kind of sad when you think about how that happens at just about every holiday.

Anyway, back to what I am really wanting to talk about… It always was kind of annoying to me about people being all “anti-Valentine’s day” or “Singles Awareness Day”. I understand why those feeling surface, but they seem to be laced with desperation (“I NEED to be with somebody!!!”), emptiness (“I am incomplete without a partner”) and envy (“It’s not fair, that I am alone, and everyone else has someone”). I think Valentine’s Day just amplifies what has been lying inside all the rest of the time.

During this period of my life, I have found myself feeling those same feelings at different times. Over this past year, things have changed and I have found myself in a better place, a more content place. I can only credit God with that, because if I am not focused on Him, then I find myself slipping into the “poor single me” attitude. If I find myself focusing on that, then I know I am not trusting Him in that area of my life. I have to trust the He has my best interest at heart, and at the right time He will bring the right man along. If I am constantly complaining that I “NEED” to have a boyfriend or how I don’t know how long I can stand being alone, then its another way of saying, “God, I love You and all, but You have no idea what I am going through, and Your timing is not perfect.”

So this Valentine’s Day, I won’t be complaining (except for maybe the whole commercialization thing lol). I will take joy in my friends’ excitement over their relationships and do my best to show love to my single friends who maybe struggling with the loneliness. My prayer is that Christ will be the center, so those feelings will be overcome by His love. His timing is perfect, and He does know what we are going through.

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